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"When you realize you are the only person responsible for your happiness, you'll begin to approach life differently"

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For the silenced

You're wondering when it is time to focus on your needs. It seems like your opinion never matters, and your voice doesn't get heard.  You're tired of feeling like people think your purpose is take take care of them. It's getting hard to even remember what you like to do. Sometimes it feels like you are walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy. Most days it feels hopeless to think that life is anything but day after day of the same thing. Maybe you cry more than you would like to admit. When was the last time you spoke up, took the floor, and expected that your voice would be heard? When was the last time you celebrated you? We will listen. And then we will help you speak up. From boundary work to values exploration, and assertive communication training, we can help you stand in your place in your life and be heard. Will you do this one thing for yourself?

For the survivors

You know life didn't deal you an easy hand, yet you survived. You're here and you are getting by, but it seems like there should be more. Everyone else seems to be doing better than you. You're tired of feeling like you are just surviving. You want to thrive. You want the memories of all that has happened to you to stop ruling the day. You're tired of wondering if there is danger around every corner, or if other people will always have more power than you. We can help you take charge of your life. Are you ready to learn how to stand in your own power? We have a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional on board that can work with you in several modalities to help you get past the hurt and take back your life!

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For the struggling couple

You remember feeling like love was all you would need. You're really not sure how it got to this point. Every day is a fight and you don't want it to be. You want to come home and see a friendly face. You are tired of bracing for impact.  You are tired of never seeing eye to eye. You don't want to separate but at this point you aren't sure what other options you have. What you have now isn't working. You don't even know how to talk to each other anymore. It doesn't have to be like this. Couples counseling can help most couples improve their relationship and build an even closer bond than before things started to feel bad, and if it isn't going to work, couples counseling can help to navigate a more amicable separation. 

It was hard growing up.  You even wondered if you should become a parent. What if you make the same mistakes they did? What if you repeat the cycles of the generations before you handing down trauma to your own children? You know you can do better. You remember what every stinging word felt like, every neglected moment. With the right support, you can be a change maker and break the cycles that held you back.  You have a lot of love to pour into a child and you want to make sure you do it well. You just need a little guidance on the things you never learned as a child. You've got this, and we can help. From working with you to heal your own inner child, to guiding you in parenting practices that foster empathy, resilience, and a sense of belonging, we can help you be the parent you want to be. 

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For the cycle breakers


About Us

We opened this practice in 2022 after years of experience in many settings. Our goal as Licensed Professional Counselors is to help others live their best lives. We fully believe that every person has the capacity to design a life they will love, to speak up, show up, and be heard. We know that not everyone has had ideal circumstances under which they could learn how to do this, and many people have old and new hurts that need to be healed before they are ready to embrace this challenge. Wherever you are on that journey, we are here to help. 

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